To the Heart with Father Pete

sand heart

Lexi asks: “how do you know you are on the right path that God wants you to be on?”

Xander asks: “how do you know when you’re doing the right thing?”

Father Pete says: I suppose that both of you mean the same thing when you are asking about the “right path” and the “right thing”. What you are inquiring about is the use of our ability to reason. With our reason, we discern how it is that God is leading us. By discernment, I mean the work we do inside of ourselves to understand what is motivating us to desire this or that. For example, a young man and young woman love each other. They are considering marriage. They must discern what is at the root of their desire to marry. Is it security? Is it children? Is it to serve God together? Is it passion? Is it a little of several things? There is no certain answer. It is an act of faith to examine their hearts and decide what desires might be revealing God’s will for each of them. This is the point, God’s will. Each of us needs to ask in big and little choices of our lives, what seems to be the best choice for me to please God? When we are leaning toward a certain choice, we need to be at peace about this choice. Likewise we need to bounce it off of holy people that we trust to receive their input. If their input affirms the choice and if we experience peace, the decision we want to make is probably inspired by God. I hope this helps.

                                       + Love, Fr. Pete