To the Heart with Father Pete

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Linda asks: I ran across a Protestant apologist who said Catholics don’t believe that Christ’s death was enough to save us. Is this true?

Father Pete: Of course we believe that Christ’s death suffices for our salvation. Saint Paul refers to “making up for what is lacking in the suffering of Christ.” I think that he is referring to the need for more people to benefit from his passion. What is lacking is more believers. What is needed is more evangelizing. I believe this is how Catholics see this passage. Additionally, by itself Christ’s passion does not make us holy, does not fully save us. Not only must we believe in Him and yield to His grace, we must also cooperate with Him and struggle to overcome sin and inordinate desires so as to grow in virtue. Protestant apologists do not tend to emphasize this purification and sanctification but only believing in Christ.

                   Keep the questions coming! Love, Fr. Pete