To the Heart with Father Pete

sand heart

Hello my friends! Several of you have asked me to address both personal & spiritual questions. Here are some questions and my answers to them. I invite more questions. Call me, write me or send questions to Diana for this bulletin article ( This article will also appear on our Facebook and Blog on our website.

Dolores asks: In Laudato Si – (Exodus 23:12) “rest on the seventh day is meant not only for you but that your ox and donkey shall have a rest also.” Did your interest and love of nature begin as a child?

Father Pete: When I was a child I sensed God’s beauty and majesty in nature, even in the back yard. White clouds, ants, clover, butterflies, birds, and best of all, lightening bugs – all left me in a sense of meditation and wonder. I did not word it like that of course. But now I realize how God touched me through nature. Later, when I read about St. Francis, the patron saint of the ecology, he became my favorite. To this day it is hard for me to resist being out on a beautiful day. I try to find God even on less beautiful days. I pray for the love of God’s creation to grow in all hearts.

Keep the questions coming! Love, Father Pete