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To the Heart with Father Pete

Hello my friends! Several of you have asked me to address both personal & spiritual questions. Here are some questions and my answers to them. I invite more questions. Call me, write me or send questions to Diana for this bulletin article (d_hudock@yahoo.com). This article will also appear on our Facebook and Blog on our website.

Mary asks: Why, when Jesus was twelve, did he not tell Mary & Joseph that he was staying behind to speak with the Rabbis in the temple?

We don’t know all the details about why Jesus and His parents miscommunicated. The sacred author (Luke) probably wanted to emphasize only Jesus’ awareness of His divine call. The gospel writers tend to leave out the details often. They seem to desire to make one good theological point. The point here being that Jesus was about His Father’s will. Mary? She was about reflecting on her experiences with her Son and also doing the Father’s will.

Mary asks: When Jesus healed people why did he tell them to keep it a secret?

Jesus kept the miracles secret because he knew that people would misunderstand His call to be Messiah. For Him – Messiah meant doing the Father’s will in order to save others, even giving up his life! For others Messiah would mean that Jesus would serve their financial, physical and political needs and desires. So, he kept his message secret.

                                   Keep the questions coming!

                                             + Fr. Pete