From the Journal of Father Pete

crucifix with palms

Today I decided to share with you my journal entry with my thoughts and prayers. It is Monday of Holy Week.

Dear Jesus,

I have received from You the privilege of celebrating the Holy Eucharist. With Your eternal sacrifice of love, I have offered my sacrifice of love on behalf of my family, friends, parishioners, fellow Catholics and Christians, and all who are in need of Your tender grace.

Brother Jesus, these are scary times for us. Please protect us from anxiety. If it glorifies You, defend us from any serious illness from this virus or any other danger. Also, help all those who serve us as first responders and health care workers. Finally, please receive the deceased into paradise and heal the grieving.

Lord Jesus, I enter into Holy Week with You & the whole body, your Church. Even though we are not gathered together, please grant us the grace which flows through Your paschal mystery, Your passion, death, and resurrection. During the Sacred Triduum from Holy Thursday evening through Easter Sunday evening I will join all of the Church in prayer with You, our mediator with The Father. Please allow our parishioners and loved ones to be touched by Your grace. Renew them all.

Lord, please make us holy. Comfort the afflicted, awaken the apathetic, and ignite us all with the fire of Your Spirit.

Jesus, You are joy itself. Please unite us with Your will that we may experience a peace & joy that no one else and no thing on earth can give to us. Praise to You, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen.

Blessings & joy on this Easter to all of you!

Fr. Pete