Divine Mercy Sunday Prayer by Father Pete

divine mercy altar

Lord Jesus,

   I celebrate with all of Your Church, Your Divine Mercy. With the Apostle Thomas I put my hand in Your side spiritually. From this wound flowed blood and water at Your passing from death to the Father.

   Let the water of the mystery of our baptism flow Oh Lord. Let it cleanse us of doubt and fear, cynicism and selfishness, sin and self-hatred that leads to toxic shame. Please, let this water flow from within, as You promised, to refresh and give joyful life to our souls and bodies.

   Let the blood of holy Eucharist flow from Your side Oh Lord, the summit of all sacrament and mystery. May our blood be one with Yours. That your life and our lives may be one. That Your joy may be our joy, Your sorrow be shared with us and that Your burning love may flow through our blood, through our souls and bodies to further Your Father’s Kingdom of joyful love, and justice and peace.

   Dear Jesus, protect us from sickness and every evil. Heal our bodies. Renew our minds. Let our souls know communion with The Holy Trinity. Please, save the lost, free those in oppression, liberate the addicted. Console the grieving. Strengthen the fearful ones. Soften hardened hearts and warm cold hearts. Enlighten those in error and share Your truth with the ignorant. Reconcile enemies and unite families, friends, Church’s neighborhoods, and countries. In a word – heal! Yes, heal us Lord!

   Receive now this time of silent adoration and praise as I contemplate Your holy presence on behalf of many, many loved ones and hungry souls. For I love You Jesus…

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