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To the Heart with Father Pete

Hello my friends! Several of you have asked me to address both personal & spiritual questions. Here are some questions and my answers to them. I invite more questions. Call me, write me or send questions to Diana for this bulletin article (d_hudock@yahoo.com)

Mary asks: “In the Agony in the Garden did Jesus experience fear?”

Even though Jesus was fully divine, he was fully human. This means that he was like us in every way with the exception of choosing to sin. His body had to grow like ours. His ability to think developed from infancy, like ours. He experienced every emotion, like we do. He was tempted to sin like us. And he had to trust the Father, like we do. What is beautiful about this?  What is beautiful is that God chose to limit himself, becoming like us in every way including the human fear about suffering and death. Every part of human life has been ‘kissed’ by the Creator. Faith joins us to Jesus. The incarnation (the enfleshment of God) has joined God to us in Jesus. Jesus is our oneness with the divine because Jesus is God’s oneness with our humanity!

                          Keep the questions coming!

                                     + Fr. Pete