To the Heart with Father Pete

Hello my friends! Several of you have asked me to address both personal & spiritual questions. Here are some questions and my answers to them. I invite more questions. Call me, write me or send questions to Diana for this bulletin article ( This article will also appear on our Facebook and Blog on our website.

Bev S. asks: I think we did not believe in cremation in the past. Is the Church ok with it now and what made them change their mind?

Father Pete: The Church allows cremation. However, for the funeral Mass, a body is preferred to symbolize our hope for the resurrection of the body. So, I suggest having the cremation after the Mass. But even at Mass, the cremains are allowed. It is like having the Mass after the body is already buried. Also, the cremains need to be respectfully interred at a cemetery. Because of our respect for the body as having been a temple of the Holy Spirit, the Church teaches that one should not retain the cremains at home or spread them outside.

                          Keep the questions coming! Love, Father Pete